These services are an integral part of our service making sure moving and delivery of your household good or personal effects intact and good condition. Some items need to be crated. Wooden crates should have multiple holes for easy access for inspection.

CRATING: What are items need to be crated?

1) Heavy items such as machineries, piano, tiles and others.

2) Big and fragile items like mirrors, glasses, vases and others.

3) Family heirlooms, antique, and fragile personal belongings.

4) Electronics for Visayas and Mindanao are required.

5) Call for further inquiries.


Our packaging services for furniture and appliances by our experienced movers for protection and careful handling are available. Rates are based on a case-to case basis depending on the handling. This is mostly availed by our Returning Resident shipments.

Have freight that requires special handling?

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