BOC Warns Against Fake COVID-19 Vaccines

As the world comes closer to defeating COVID-19 with the formulation of vaccines by various pharmaceutical companies worldwide, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) warns the public on the possible influx of fake and smuggled vaccines into the market.

An article released by Europol and the United States Department of Homeland Security mentioned the great possibility that organized crime groups may exploit the highly lucrative COVID-19 vaccine market. The article also stated that in some countries, crime groups have already tried to market fake influenza vaccines which were not manufactured and proven to be falsified.

The Bureau of Customs for its part advises the public to remain vigilant and report presence of suspected smuggled and fake vaccines into the country. The bureau recognizes its vital role in detecting and seizing illegal vaccines into the country as part of the holistic border protection efforts of government against all forms of smuggling.

The BOC also warned the public of vaccines being sold online as these items might be fake and may cause serious health problems.


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